Blue Moon Discadas

Blue Moon Discadas

Blue Moon Discadas!  Several sizes to choose from, ranging from 16" - 22".

#1 Authentic Hand-welded / Hand-polished / Authentic Plow Disk Cooking Pan

Easily handles cooking for the family to the family reunion, cub scout campout, boy scout campouts, daddy daughter campout, deer camp meal, duck club weekend, dove hunting weekend, tailgate event, GNO (thats right), BNO.   Plenty of room to shift food or tortilla's to outside edges.  

XL - 22"  Texas-sized at 22" diameter & 17.5 lbs.  9 ga. steel and LOW concavity edges at just 2.5".

Lrg - 20"  "The Classic"  Approx 15 lbs Easily handles cooking for 4-15 people.  Not too big, not too heavy.  Just right.  This is the #1 selling disk size in Arkansas.  Lots of room to shift food or tortilla's to outside edges.  

Med - 18" Diameter - Family size, use it both indoors on the stove top or outside on your propane burner or grill.   Same authentic experience in a little smaller package.

Sm - 16"   Diameter - Smaller, lightweight (8.5 lbs)  Stove-top Sized, slightly rounded bottom, great for inside, on the grill, backpack and camping trips.  This makes a GREAT GIFT!  

** Caution:  Blue Moon Disk handles get hot during the cooking process