Cajun Dragon Propane Fire Starter

Cajun Dragon Propane Fire Starter

If starting a fire is not your forte, then perhaps you just need a little help.

Help from the Cajun Dragon!

Let's face it, being outside around a campfire is too much fun to have it spoiled by not being able to light up the night.  This is where the Cajun Dragon will help get the party started.  Hooks directly to your propane tank.

    If there is a need for a fire of any kind in the outdoors the original Cajun Dragon will quickly do it. This propane fire starter works great for starting a fire in your fire pit, BBQ pit, or smoker. This device can also be used by itself to produce heat. Other uses include burning weeds, fields, brush piles, etc. It works exceptionally well for cooking over which eliminates the need to have other appliances such as a portable gas stove. This device can also be used to cook over in your charcoal BBQ pit, simply slide it in the pit and start cooking. 



May have a real fire breathing dragon inside...who knows for sure. Could also contain an exploding star, but more than likely doesn't.