Nature Life Soil Conditioner Cottonburr ...

Nature Life Soil Conditioner Cottonburr compost

Nature Life soild Condition Cottonburr compost

Nature Life is made from 100% cotton burrs.  It is free of weed seeds, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, animal by-products, and disease causing pathogens.  It will not cause salt buildup characteristic of manure.  Nature Life has a low Carbon to Nitrogen ratio.  University studies show cotton burr compost has more nitrogen, phosphate, and potash than manure.

Nature Life composted soil conditioner can reduce soil compaction while increasing the soil's ability to retain moisture.  The water holding capacity of Nature Life soil conditioner has been found in laboratory testing to be 184%.  This results in having a rich loamy soil that contains nutrients necessary for lush plant growth.

Mix Nature Life with soil in your flower garden, vegetable garden and on your lawns.  After planting your flowerbeds mulch with Nuture Life 2" thick.  Water well the first time, then only water once a week.

Size:  2 Cubic Foot Bag





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