Purchase a pet product to donate to the ...

From now through the New Year, at our Little Rock Farmers location, if you purchase any pet products ( food, toys, bedding, leashes, etc.) to be donated to the Little Rock Animal Village we will discount those items by 10%!  

Here's how it works:

1.  Pick out your items you'd like to donate.

2.  Purchase those items, get 10% off their price.

3.  The items will remain in our receiving area in the store until the end of each week when we will personally deliver them to the Animal Village.

4.  Feel good knowing that you've done something to help several species of animals in need, as well as a great facility that uses these supplies every day!


It's that easy.  No really, it is.  

So stop in today and make some animals holiday and future a little brighter.

And if you're needing a companion, stop by the Animal Village to adopt your new best friend.  

We should all be the kind of people our pets already think we are.