Banixx Chicken Wound Spray

Banixx Chicken Wound Spray

Keep your feathered friend happy and healthy with Banixx CHIXX Spray. This antimicrobial and antiseptic spray for chickens provides fast-acting, sting-free aid in the recovery from a myriad of poultry problems including pecking sores, raw vent area injuries, bumblefoot, abrasions, fowl pox, chicken wounds, and a whole host of other bacterial and fungal issues. Formulated without relying on steroids, dyes or foreign scents, this chicken wound spray is safe for use around the eyes and doesn’t leave you worrying about unwanted staining or lingering chemical odors. And, there's NO egg withdrawal period.  It can also be used to disinfect incubators, nest boxes and brooders, making it an ideal proactive and reactive tool to have on-hand. For effective use, just identify the afflicted area, apply Banixx on a daily basis, leave it on and wait for the desired result. Relief really can be that simple.

  • Pecking sores: Most chickens develop pecking sores at some point or another, but the Banixx antimicrobial agent makes them easy to treat.
  • Raw vent area injuries: Illnesses and injuries relating to the chicken’s vent are as common as they are unpleasant, but Banixx offers a way to successfully address these issues quickly.
  • Bumblefoot: Use Banixx to treat the swelling, redness, dark scabbing and/or pain of a bumblefoot infection.
  • Fowl pox: Prevent and treat this highly contagious condition using Banixx products.
  • Other injuries or skin infections: Banixx poultry wound spray also works for any other injuries, abrasions and infections that occur for your chickens, including those from fighting and attacks.


Key Details

  • Color-free, odor-free formulation facilitates recovery without the stains or clinical smells that linger for hours after application
  • Clinically proven safe around the eye, ears, nose and mouth
  • Formulated without the use of steroids, alcohol, iodine or antibiotics
  • Can also be used to disinfect incubators, nest boxes and brooders
  • Made in the USA

Available in 8oz


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