Banixx Wound Care Cream

Banixx Wound Care Cream

Veterinarians’ first choice as a safe, effective recovery tool for horses, dogs and small pets suffering from a variety of skin conditions. Banixx Wound Care Cream delivers the immediate, sting-free relief your pet deserves. Ultra-enriched with premiere marine collagen and bolstered by essential extracts including aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, chamomile and more, this specially-formulated antimicrobial and antiseptic cream for horses and other pets provides a gentle, nourishing action that moisturizes and fortifies skin. It contains 2% chlorhexidine—a time-honored anti-microbial.  Made without irritating steroids or alcohol, it boasts a quickly dissipating peppermint fragrance that acts as a natural bug repellent. Just identify the infected area, apply Banixx’s Wound Care Cream on a daily basis, leave it on, and wait for the desired result. Relief really can be that simple.

Key Details:

  • Formulated for: horse scratches, dog skin yeast infections/itchy skin, hot spots, wounds, abrasions, cuts,  scrapes, girth, mane, tail itch & sweet itch, ringworm, hock sores and dermatitis (including skin fungal infections)
  • Specially-made anti-microbial formula provides substantial protection against an array of fungal and bacterial infections. Dries like a liquid bandage
  • Ultra-enriched with marine collagen and essential extracts including aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, chamomile and more to maximize recovery to damaged skin and hair
  • Made without the use of steroids or alcohol, making it safe to use without fear of irritating your pet’s skin
  • Made in the USA

Common Uses for Dogs

  • Wounds: The chlorhexidine, aloe vera, eucalyptus oil and chamomile in Banixx helps soothe and repair cuts, scrapes, abrasions and other wounds.
  • Hot spots: Banixx wound care soothes and relieves the pain and itch of hot spots while you seek their cause. Its marine collagen helps keep the area moist to speed up healing.
  • Yeast Infections: Our anti-fungal cream for dogs helps treat yeast infections of skin.
  • Ringworm: If your pet has dry, brittle hair or scabby, inflamed skin, it could be a symptom of ringworm. Eliminate the fungus that causes this condition with our sting-free wound cream for dogs and horses.

Common Uses for Horses

  • Horse wounds: Banixx helps treat and repair abrasions, scrapes, cuts and other wounds on your horse’s body.
  • Horse scratches: Banixx can both prevent this painful condition but is also the best First Aid product to help restore healthy tissue, reduce pain and speed the recovery if it occurs.
  • Sweet Itch: Banixx can provide relief for your horse from intense itching, which can be caused by an allergy to the saliva of flies or midges.
  • Hock SoresUse our antibacterial horse cream for cuts, small scuffs or open sores that your equine may get on its hocks.
  • Girth Galls: Our alcohol- and steroid-free solution offers relief for open sores caused by friction from tack.

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