Armor-All vehicle care products (misc)

Armor-All vehicle care products (misc)

Armor-All Vehicle Care products.

Shine up your ride with some armor-all wash, leather wipes, tire foam, or carpet/glass cleaner.  You will have your Garage kept baby looking like brand new with our array of car care products.

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Like you, we have plenty of experience with taking care of cars. A legacy of protection that began in a Southern California laboratory almost 40 years ago. Here’s a quick history lesson on how we’ve continuously helped you keep your vehicle looking like new – and a glimpse of what’s to come.

Our legacy began in 1962 when a 21-year-old polymer chemist named Joe Palcher invented a milky-white “miracle” formula to protect rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces from UV radiation and ozone. Joe was an early pioneer in the defence of vehicles from the powerful and harmful effects of nature’s elements.

In 1966, a local auto shop owner convinced Joe to bottle and sell the formula. Named Tridon (“no dirt” spelled backwards), the product quickly grew in popularity across the U.S. Among the automotive industry and everyday car owners alike, it became clear how easy it could be to keep a vehicle looking like new.

By 1971, the product – renamed RT-10 – was in great demand. In 1972, Alan Rypinski, a marketing specialist and automotive enthusiast, secured RT-10’s exclusive sales rights, formed a new company called ARMOR ALL and renamed the product ARMOR ALL Protectant.

Alan’s goal was to make the powerful enhancement and shine capabilities of this formula available to car owners worldwide. In 1976, ARMOR ALL Protectant received a patent for its unique formula; in 1979, the company became ARMOR ALL Products Corp. and ARMOR ALL Protectant received a second patent for its exclusive infusion method, which allows its chemicals to penetrate the surface and protect it from degradation.

The 80’s and 90’s were busy for ARMOR ALL as it continued its leadership in car care innovation. With the development of a strong line of products, ARMOR ALL further simplified the process of protecting your entire car. Our line of cleaners and washes, including ARMOR ALL Multi Purpose Cleaner, ARMOR ALL Glass Cleaner, and ARMOR ALL Car Wash, has helped countless “Do It Yourself’ers” clean their cars from top to bottom. Constant innovation of Wax & Polishes and a strong line of Tyre & Wheel care products have made it convenient for countless proud car owners to make their cars shine like new.

We have increased our offering of protectants, including ARMOR ALL New Car Protectant, to give you a variety of options to protect your car. Also, with the introduction of two New ARMOR ALL wipes products, we have made it easier than ever to protect, clean and shine your vehicle’s surfaces.

ARMOR ALL remains Australia’s trusted market leader because of the results it produces and the satisfaction it gives car owners.

We have developed unique ARMOR ALL formulations specifically for Australian conditions, and with locally based contract manufacturers the vast majority of ARMOR ALL products are now made in Australia.

The quality of our formulations is matched by brilliant ergonomically designed packaging enhancing use and presentation.

We are committed to keeping your car looking like new. At ARMOR ALL we look forward to a bright future of partnering with you – to find new and better ways to make cars look the best they can.