Sure-Can Gas cans (various sizes)

Sure-Can Gas cans (various sizes)



2006: An average Joe had

          an idea for a new gas can

2010: Work began on the first prototype

of out his wood shop

2011: Made it Legit &


2014: Product development

& testing

2015: Product hits the market

you've seen our product, now hear our story!

The inventor of SureCan was a guy that HATED using standard gas cans! As a general contractor, cabinet maker, and outdoor enthusiast he spent a lot of his time filling gas powered machines and constantly spilling all over his expensive equipment. 

He thought, there must be a better way.

Four years later the first prototype was built out of wood, plastic, and any other materials a cabinet maker had lying around. He was ready to make it legit and decided to start a business.

Design, engineering, and testing took the better part of 4 more years to complete. "In order to sleep at night, I needed to make sure the SureCan was safe and easy to use", he said. The perseverance and hard work put in has definitely paid off because in 2014 he took his new product to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV. There the SureCan not only captured the interest of many national retailers but also won the Most Innovative New Product Award at the show, as well as a Retailers Choice Award. Soon after the SureCan was featured on the DIY Network's hit show "I Want That" and as a Top 100 Product for This Old House Magazine.

"I knew I had something unique and different in the fuel can market, but I was surprised at how much recognition it received!"

Now that the foundation had been laid the ground work began! Further product development and testing continued through 2014 and in Spring of 2015 the SureCan was ready for the stores.  In just under one year SureCan was spreading the country and going international with its launch into the Canadian markets.

By this time the SureCan had caught the eye of 3 of the Sharks from ABC's "Shark Tank". At the STAFDA (Specialty Tools and Fasteners, Distributors Association) convention in Phoenix, AZ; Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O'Leary were the key note speakers. The SureCan was presented on stage and was selected as the top product by all three Sharks and is now considered "Shark Approved". To add to this success the SureCan was also selected as a Silver Winner at the Edison Awards in New York City where 300 judges around the world voted on new innovative products.

"I have seen a lot miracles taken place to get SureCan where it is today".

A cabinet maker had an idea saw the vision and made it happen.