King Kutter Finish Mower - Rear ...

King Kutter Finish Mower - Rear Discharge

King Kutter 3 Pt. Finish Mower - Rear Discharge

4 Foot (RFM-48-XB) #72458

5 Foot (RFM-60) #62547

6 Foot (RFM-72) #58981

KING KUTTER'S FREE FLOATING FLEX HITCH REAR DISCHARGE FINISHING MOWERS lead the way in performance and quality. It is constructed of heavy 3/16" deck material, heavy-duty wheels, and heat-treated 1/4"-thick blades. The versatile machine mows on level or unleveled ground. Standard equipment on all King Kutter free floating finishing mowers includes a 40hp gearbox, shielded PTO shaft, gauge wheels and a self-tightening belt that reduces slippage. King Kutter's specially designed free floating flex hitch system allows the mower to follow the contour of the ground, thus mowing evenly on uneven ground. This Rear Discharge Mower has a totally open rear deck with belt guards, that allows the grass to be safely and smoothly discharged giving your lawn that rich, manicured look that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Also available in the 7' Stainless Steel model.