Buck Forage Oats #22458

Buck Forage Oats #22458

Buck Forage Oats is the preeminent food plot oat seed. It should be the backbone of any food plot seed program by which success should be judged. Now in our third variety, spanning over 25 years, it is the result of highly intensive genetic breeding. The endgame being the selection of the one single variety that best produces high quality forage, in quantities that can tolerate the type of heavy grazing you would expect from highly preferred winter oats. If a variety shows the sort of promise we demand, it is then entered into Forage Preference trials that are designed to measure 1st choice preference across varieties in a natural setting, as well as to assess the value of other attributes, such as forage production, digestible energy, ability to thrive under heavy grazing pressure, and more. The best varieties will stay in these trials for many years until there is a clear cut winner. 

Planting Date: Spring - April to May : Fall - September to November 

Planting Rate: 2 to 4 lbs per 1000 sq/ft for small area.

Broadcast Rate: 100 lbs per acre.

Drill Rate: 70 to 80 lbs per acre

Coverage Depth: 1/2" to 1" 

Days to maturity: 60