Buckwheat #11612

Buckwheat #11612

Buckwheat is warm-season, broad-leafed annual, primarily used for weed suppression. Buckwheat is also popular among beekeepers because it produces an abundance of flowers, and a dark-flavored honey with a distinctive flavor. Buckwheat is also a great addition to any food plot for game birds, such as turkey, dove, ducks, and especially quail.


Planting Date: Spring - April to June : Fall - September to November 

Planting Rate: 1 to 2 lbs per 1000 sq/ft for small area.

Broadcast Rate: 50 to 60 lbs per acre.

Drill Rate: 30 to 40 lbs per acre

Coverage Depth: 1 to 2" 

Days to maturity: 60 - 80