Cereal Rye - Item # Subject to Change - ...

Cereal Rye - Item # Subject to Change - See List

Cereal Grain Rye has excellent winter forage production and matures early. It has an upright growth habit and large soft stems, high moisture plants and will grow rapidly during the warm periods in the colder months. Late freezes may injure the plant but it will usually recover and produce a seed crop. Great cover crop seed choice and works very well in food plots and mixes, because it is a good companion crop for small grains and clovers.  Cereal Rye has good fall and spring growth and is more cold tolerant than wheat or oats, but is slightly less attractive.  Plant August through October for good fall growth. Planting Rate: 90-120 lbs. per acre alone or 90 lbs. in a mix.

Possible Item Choices:

Elbon Rye #11614 

Rymin Rye #26453

WinterGrazer/Winter King Rye #31182

Planting Date: Spring - April to May : Fall - August to November 

Planting Rate: 2 to 4 lbs per 1000 sq/ft for small area.

Broadcast Rate: 100 to 120 lbs per acre.

Drill Rate: 80 to 100 lbs per acre

Coverage Depth: 1/2" to 1"  

Days to maturity: Grows well through winter months. Reaches full maturity and hardens off in June to july.