Top Notch Fall Wildlife Mix #69211

Top Notch Fall Wildlife Mix #69211

Top Notch Fall Wilfdlife Mix is a blend of various cool season forages recomended to attract and provide premium nutrition for Deer and Wildlife during early and late season.

Planting Dates: September 1 - Noember 15

Planting rate: 50 lbs per acre. 

Coverage Depth 1/2".

Days to maturity: ready to forage approximately 30 days after emergence.




Currently Sold at: All Farmers' Locations


Top Notch Deer Oats, Barley (P1919), Cereal Rye (Wrens Abruzzi), Wheat (Grazer Maxx / Pembroke 2016), Austrian Winter Peas, Turnip Seed (Barkant Forage Variety), Rape Seed (Barsica Forage Variety), Ladino Clover (Seminole)