Turf 5way MVP Turf Fescue #11587

Turf 5way MVP Turf Fescue #11587

5 Way Fescue Turf Mix is a blend of 5 elite turf-type tall fescues. Ideal for more southern growing zones, this mix is heat and drought tolerant. Additionally, these fescues display strong disease resistance, especially to southern blights. 

Planting Date: March to June / Fall - August to November

Planting Rate: New Lawns 6 to 8 lbs per 1000 sq/ft for small area.

Broadcast Rate Overseed: 4 to 5 lbs per 1000 sq/ft or 150 lbs acre.

Coverage Depth: 1/8" to 1/2" maximum

Days to maturity: Turf should be allowed to establish well before mowing. Keep mower height set at 3 to 4 inches.