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We Can Fill Your Propane Tank

The cost of propane is right around $0.70 per pound. With a standard grill-size propane tank at 20 lb., the cost to fill it runs about $15.26. Propane is a commodity like gas or corn, so the price fluctuates based on market value. When the weather gets cold up north and people make a run on propane, the demand drives up the price here in Arkansas.

To legally fill a propane tank, it must:

  1. be before the retest date,
  2. include an OPD (overfill protection device) valve at the top of the tank, and
  3. be filled during the day; propane tanks cannot be filled after dark.

Manufacturers stamp dates - 10 05, or October 2005, for example - typically at the top of the tank. Based on the manufactured date, your nearest Farmers Association store can fill it as long as it has been tested within 12 years of the manufacturer's date.